Jubilee Tree Collection

This Quest is to visit the surviving trees from the Jubilee Tree collection. These trees were selected by the UK Tree Council in 2002 to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. They were originally supposed to be the fifty greatest trees in Britain. Commentator's curse. The 1000-year-old Sidney Oak promptly died. Then the 1500-year-old Pontfadog Oak blew over in a storm and the original Bramley apple tree contracted some disfiguring disease. The Selborne Yew should never have been on the list in the first place, having died in 1995, seven years before the list was compiled. It is now just a stump covered in brambles and redcurrent bushes.

It looks like COVID has put paid to the Panshanger Giant Oak too. It has been in a Tarmac (Lafarge) enclosure for years, but they no longer seem keen to allow people in. On a recent visit we just walked around the side of the padlocked gate, but it looks like visitors are not really welcome. It has been removed from this Quest, hopefully only temporarily.

Momentous Britain checks out the Tolpuddle Martyr's Tree

Your mission is to visit the 46 remaining trees in the Jubilee Tree Collection. Your reward for completing this quest is the title Jubilee Master Arborealist. There are intermediate ranks of Apprentice, Junior, Senior and Expert for visiting 5, 15, 25 and 35 trees respectively. Most of the trees are in a 100 mile diameter donut around the East Midlands. You could visit 30 of them in a couple of days. Some of the others are very remote, at the furthest reaches of Scotland, Cornwall and Wales. You will have richly deserved the Master rank if you visit them all.

On a recent visit to see the World's End Black Poplar, we noticed that its plaque had been stolen and that the Google Maps reference is 50m wrong. The black poplar is the lighter coloured tree with upwards branches in the photo above. It has triangular leaves and a deeply grooved trunk. It was sad to see it getting squeezed from both sides and looking a bit neglected. Let's hope someone adopts it.