Civilisation: Episode 5 - The Hero as Artist

Cortile della Pigna, Vatican

Pontifical Academy of Science, Vatican

Pius and Clementine’s Museum, Vatican

Above left: Rape of Helen by Strozzi (National Gallery)
Above middle: Death of Caesar by di Tommaso (Ashmolean Museum)
Above right: Triumph of Caesar by Mantegna  (Royal Collection, Hampton Court)

Above left: Copy of Donatello’s Marzocco ( Piazza della Signoria, Florence)
Above middle: Copy of Michelangelo's David ( Piazza della SignoriaFlorence),
Above right: Veracchio's David (Bargello Museum, Florence)

Above left: David by Michelangelo (Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence)
Above middle: Battle of the Centaurs by Michelangelo (Casa Buonarrotim, Florence)
Above right: Drunkeness of Bacchus by Michelangelo (Museo Nazionale del BargelloFlorence )

Vatican Garden, Vatican

Slaves by Michelangelo (Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence)

Sistene Chapel, Vatican

Above left: Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael (Pinacteca di Brera, Milan)
Above middle: School at Athens by Raphael (Apostolic Palace, Vatican)
Above right: Study for the School at Athens by Raphael (Louvres)

Apostolic Palace, Vatican

Above left: Pope Leo X by Raphael (Uffizi, Florence)
Above middle: The Loggia (Vatican)
Above right: Cartoon for the Acts of the Apostles by Raphael (Royal Collection, Windsor)

Library at Saltwood Castle

Above left: Leonardo self-portrait (Royal Library, Turin)
Above right: Fetus by Leonardo da Vinci (Royal Collection, Windsor)